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Oh Pray Tell is us - Beth Stupple and Sally Titasey. We are best friends. Sisters of sorts. We met in the Rocky Mountains when we were just teenagers, though it seems likely we have met many times before (or after). The first time we sang together, our harmonies seemed to merge into one voice, larger than the sum of its parts, growing roots through our feet, stirring magic in our bellies and hearts and emanating outward toward the stars... and we liked it. And so we keep singing, in honour of the ancestors, the children and this good earth.


Stomp, clap, strum, SING. This is our humble offering.

Oh Pray tell is based in British Columbia, Canada (Turtle Island) --- Sally on Sinixt Territory and Beth on Quw'utsun Territory. Having recently released their debut album, Origin, the folk/soul duo look forward to touring again in 2022.

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